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 Match Rules

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PostSubject: Match Rules   Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:03 pm

This forum is used mostly for Member vs Member battles. Or also for a storyline game somewhat or not at all related to Zelda.

For Player vs Player you use the items you have and maybe pets to outsmart your opponent and knock him/her dead. In the beginning of the battle you state the items you have equipped. Admins or the Game master can only change health so wait for that. You can use Potions, Fairys during battles and the Game Master will officially end the battle by stating the winner,

For A storyline game you come up with a story and have people post there characters in the topic (Items, Age, Name, ect.) For this you can make up a whole different character and have all the weapons you want. Be creative on the stories through.

And that is all.

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Match Rules

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