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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:24 pm

These rules apply to all of the The Sacred Grove Forum boards. They are not optional and must be followed. Please read these before posting anywhere. The rules for The Sacred Grove Forums are as follows:

General Rules:

Posting Rules
- No spamming, except in the designated section
- No flaming of any sort will be tolerated, which means anything that is directly posted to offend a group or an individual
- Absolutely no sexual content can be posted anywhere
- No double posting
- No spamming
- No flaming
- No sexual suggestion or content in posts
- No links to inappropriate websites
- No one or two word posts; no irrelevant posts
- All general rules apply

Linking Rules
- No linking to any other websites (other than Sacred Grove, of course) in any of the boards, except for in the advertising board
- No linking to any websites with any kind of pornographic images, offensive content, strong language, etc.

- For spamming, usually the post will just be deleted and the author will be sent a warning; if it becomes a real problem the user and/or their IP address will be banned
- For flaming, the user will be sent one warning and the post will be deleted; for two offenses the user and his/her IP address will be banned
- If a user posts any kind of sexual content, there will be no, warning, and you will automatically be banned
- Inappropriate links will be deleted and the user will be banned

All of these rules apply to all boards. These rules are not optional so if you break them, you suffer the penalty.
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General Rules

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